With AV Remote for Android™, Windows® and Windows Mobile you remotely control your UPnP® / DLNA® / OpenHome / Chromecast compatible home entertainment devices. Play music, video and images all over your home from network and cloud libraries to any player, such as TV sets, picture frames, set-top boxes and your phone. All you need is a Wi-Fi network and some UPnP / DLNA / OpenHome / Google Cast™ compatible multimedia devices. Control your players over your home network. Browse media libraries filled with music, movies, pictures and much more. Stream media from server to players without having a PC or Mac running.

The intuitive user interface allows for fast control of all your devices. Playing media from a server to a player is simple: Select a server and navigate through the folder structure until you find the desired media item. Now tap on the item to open a page giving detailed information about the media itself, the involved artists and much more.
Tap the PlayTo or AddTo button to select from all players which are capable of playing the selected media. The media is sent to the player and will automatically start playing. Full playlist support , even for mixed media types.
AV Remote is connected to Microsoft OneDrive, Dropbox, Flickr, Picasa Web Albums and YouTube . If supported by your players, they play media directly from the cloud.

* AV Remote for Android currently features a subset of the Windows versions' possibilities. Further development is in progress.